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Professional Hand Tools


Punching machines

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Professional manual tools:
Shears & Punches


Rouyer shears are industrial shears intended for the cutting of steel sheets or for the cutting of alloys.

Punching machines

The Rouyer manual punching machines allow the punching of steel sheets or beams.


The PC 205 combination tool is a synthesis of the D shear and the N 56 punching machine.


Different accessories allow to optimize the use of Rouyer professional hand tools.

REXO offers, under the Rouyer brand, a wide range of professional manual tools for metal cutting: shears, punching machines and combined tools.

REXO is even the only French manufacturer of manual tools for professionals: punching machines and industrial shears for manual cutting and punching of steel and alloys are designed and manufactured in Auvergne. We trust our suppliers to be exclusively French, mostly located in our region.

REXO is resolutely focused on the design, production and marketing of quality tools for manual cutting and punching of steel, alloy and copper sheets and bars or its derivatives.

REXO professional hand tools

Building & public works special professional tools

Cutters for rebar

The 520 and 525 shears cut rebar up to 26 mm thick.

Rouyer manual tools


REXO industrial shears are intended for cutting steel sheets or cutting alloys. They meet the needs of professionals in many business sectors.

Hand tools for professionals

Punching Machines

REXO industrial punching machines are intended for cutting steel and cutting alloys.

Power and robustness

A wide range of punching machines for all uses

From the N32 to the V102, including portables, the REXO range of punching machines meets all the needs of professionals.

The V102 punching machine

Duplex portable punching machines

Among the range of REXO portable punching machines, the Duplex is particularly appreciated for its maneuverability, ease and versatility of use.

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