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Professional hand tools

REXO designs and manufactures Rouyer shears for metal cutting.

They allow the cutting of steel bars and the cutting of treated steel thanks to the optional adoption of treated blades.

Steel and alloy cutting

REXO industrial shears are intended for cutting sheet steel or cutting alloys.

Sheet metal, Building and Industry

REXO sheet metal shears are shears for construction, but also shears for sheet metal and for industry.

Manufacturing in Auvergne

Rouyer shears are exclusively manufactured by REXO in Auvergne.

A wide range of shears

From 2mm shears to M

Rouyer shears are used by professionals in many activities:

  • building,
  • metallurgical industry,
  • equipment,
  • infrastructure,
  • shops,
  • repairs…

The range of Rouyer shears meets many uses:


The 2 mm shear is designed for fine and precise work. It is particularly favored by watchmakers.


The A shear is a common tool that responds to standard work.


The D and L shears have high production capacities to meet important industrial needs. The L model has 300 mm long blades.


The E shear benefits from a reinforced design and increased effort reduction to improve user comfort.


The M shear, equipped with 400 mm blades, allows long cuts.

The 2mm shears for mild steel

Professional hand tools

Shears for metal cutting

From mild steel to hardened steel

Rouyer shears cut mild steel as standard (up to 400 N/mm2).

Equipped with high hardness blades (optional), models A; E; D; 520 and 525 are capable of cutting stronger steel (up to 700 N/mm2).

Naturally they also cut alloys and light metals such as copper, zinc, brass…

The D, L and E shears are also fitted with a round support in which the workpiece up to a diameter of 12 mm slides and which prevents it from bending during the shearing operation.

All our models, whose weight varies from 6.5 to 72 kg, can be mounted on plinths, to optimize small spaces and eliminate the need for a workbench.

The REXO Shop for professional hand tools

The price of professional manual shears

Cisailles Type 2 mm A D E L M Béton 520 Béton 525
Tarif € HT 243,00 338,00 562,00 1002,00 882,00 1470,00 670,00 1014,00
Guide latéral € HT 14,40 27,70 42,60 42,60 42,60 42,60
Support rond € HT 19,10 19,10 19,10
Lame mobile € HT 51,00 75,00 183,00 45,00 237,00 376,00 42,00 48,00
Lame fixe € HT 40,00 45,00 78,00 45,00 111,00 183,00 42,00 48,00


Where are REXO hand tools manufactured?

All REXO professional hand tools, shears, punching machines and handsets, are manufactured in the REXO workshops in Auvergne.

Who does REXO work for?

REXO's customers are industrial companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity in France and neighbouring countries.

What are REXO's activities?

The REXO company develops several activities:

  • A historical activity, since the 30's, around stone and wood cutting: design and manufacture of chains, guides, chainsaws and gantries.
  • Another historical activity of design and manufacture of manual tools for metal cutting: shears, punching machines and handsets for professional use.
  • A fine precision sheet metal activity, with the design and production of welded and tubular assemblies or sub-assemblies.
  • An activity of precision mechanics with the machining of parts in different materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc...).
How long has REXO been around?

REXO was founded in the 1930s and the company has existed in its current form since 2001 when its manager Philippe Geeraert took over.

Who does REXO work with?

REXO has built up a network of supplier partners, selected for the quality of their services and mostly located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Who uses REXO's Rouyer hand tools?

The manual tools, shears and punching machines, designed and manufactured by REXO under the Rouyer brand, are used by professionals in workshops for applications in the mechanical, building, public works and other industrial sectors.

Why choose a REXO hand tool?

The professional hand tools designed and manufactured by REXO are renowned for their robustness and reliability.

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