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Rexo | Manufacturer of hand tools for metal cutting | The A shear

The Rouyer range of manual shears: simple, robust and economical tools.

Like all the Rouyer range, the A shear is entirely manufactured and assembled by us.

The castings from our French suppliers are machined on our machines in Auvergne.

The A-shear has a molded frame and its pinion drive reduces its purchase price while ensuring minimal maintenance.

It is a manual, versatile and proven machine, known for its reliability. No need for electricity or compressed air, the A-shear is simple, safe and economical.

With Rouyer tools, there is no programmed obsolescence, no spare parts that cannot be found… Our production means allow you to benefit from a follow-up for many years thanks to a digitized management of the parts drawings.

Use of the vertical stop of the shear A

Shear A can cut mild steel sheets up to 4 mm thickness. It is equipped with a vertical stop that allows the sheet to be held during the cut. This simple system limits the torsion caused by the shearing of the material.
The stop can be positioned according to the thickness of the sheet.

The cutting of a round by the shear A

The shear A cuts mild steel rounds up to 12 mm diameter. To position the round ideally horizontally, you can adjust the retaining screw and lock your setting with the lock nut.

Adjustment of shear blade clearance A

The A-shears are delivered with a blade clearance adjustment for thin sheet metal, unless otherwise requested.
Depending on the thickness of the parts to be cut and their material, an adjustment of the blade clearance is sometimes necessary.
To increase the blade clearance, loosen the two screws holding the fixed blade, then using a hex wrench loosen the two adjustment screws. Check and tighten the hexagonal retaining screws.

Use of the side guide plate of the shears A

As an option, the shear A can be equipped with a side guide plate. It is easily fixed on the frame by 2 nuts.
In case of repeated cutting, the operator can easily press the part on the plate.

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