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Rexo, manufacturer of professional hand tools: the range of Duplex punching machines

The Rouyer range of Duplex portable manual punching machines: simplicity and speed of implementation

REXO designs and manufactures manual punching machines marketed under the Rouyer brand.

These punching machines are intended for professionals in industry, construction and crafts and allow the punching of steel and soft alloys.

The Duplex range offers portable punching machines, characterized by simplicity and speed of implementation.

The Duplex range of portable manual punching machines: robustness and ease of maintenance

The Duplex series is a family of professional manual portable punching machines which includes 3 models:

  • The Duplex 1, weighing 9 kg and which punches up to a diameter of 17 mm.
  • The Duplex 2, intermediate model, weighing 14 kg for punching up to a diameter of 20 mm.
  • And the Duplex 3, the largest model, weighing 26 kg and designed for heavy manual punching up to a diameter of 25 mm.

The range of Duplex punching machines is characterized by the robustness of REXO manufacturing and by great ease of maintenance.

For example, the replacement of the connection washers is identical for the 3 Duplex punching machines.

The equipment needed for this operation is rudimentary:

  • A good sized hammer
  • A pin punch,
  • Ideally, a vise.

Procedure for replacing the 4 connection parts:

  • Lay the Duplex punch flat.
  • Knock out the pin holding the levers using a pin punch. The operation can be difficult: the pins are inserted by force during the assembly of the Duplex.
  • Ideally, place the punch in a vice to remove the mechanism.
  • Lay it flat to drive out the 2 retaining pins of the connection washers.
  • Remove the 4 connecting washers.
  • Proceed to their replacement. During this operation, carefully respect the assembly direction of the punch holder.
  • Replace the 2 pins in their housings.
  • Reposition the mechanism in the frame of the manual punch that remained in the vice.
  • Loosen the vice, remove the assembly and lay the Duplex flat.
  • Fit the mechanism in the frame.
  • Replace the pin on the most suitable side of the frame.

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